Independent Artist Spotlight (i.A.S.)  LIVE MUSIC REVIEW is a platform that offers aspiring artists the opportunity to share their music with people from around the world. Artists of all discipline’s get insightful & helpful suggestions, industry insider  information and real time reactions from our viewers, live. 


i.A.S. LIVE MUSIC REVIEW has an innovative way of animating each song visually; adding humor, all the while lending a professional coating to the art of critiquing; who said music had to be so serious?


 The hosts become live storyboards for new music by keeping it fun and exciting. They also interact with the audience via live streams and invite viewers to ‘LIKE, LOVE, or LOSE IT! ‘. The platform also features special guests. Guest appearances are industry professionals sharing valuable information independent artists, businesses need to know.

We believe the independent community of Artists and Businesses need reliable resources that will help bridge gaps that other platforms just won't do.


Our teams mission is to Entertain, Empower and Educate.


We provide a base for Artists & Businesses who want to expand and reach new audiences and consumers.  Entertaining audiences of all genres with our programming; we are the source for Music lovers of all genres.


We're building bridges globally bringing more options and opportunities to those in need. 



MISSION STATEMENT : IAS- Empowering music creatives and enthusiasts in communities worldwide to enhance their performance and professional growth. Creating transparent and collaborative atmospheres through constructive criticism.